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Terence McKenna: Artists are the Way - Ep. 156

Terence McKenna believed that if the artist cannot find the way to expanded consciousness, then the way could not be found.  He was a firm believer that culture was a great obstacle to enlightenment, that it tends to make people generally afraid of the unconscious mind; whereas artists are not afraid. Artists regularly use the unconscious mind as part of their process for creation. And that that unconscious perspective is also used by the observer of artworks when seeking some sort of truth or significance it may hold.

With that in mind, McKenna believes the planet is functioning terribly because we’ve had ideology as the main structure for the last 700 or 800 years. His belief is that we could transcend politics and ideology by having some other, dare I say, better structure in its place. In this talk, you’ll hear him make the case for art being that new structure. 

In this episode we’ll explore these ideas, and how he may have come to this conclusion. We’ll also hear a clip from a talk he gave in 1990 where he pretty much blew our minds (yet again).

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