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Art, Technology & Jaron Lanier on Deleting Social Media - Ep. 160

It’s always been a constant struggle for artists to find support to continue their work. Every day we wake up, however, instantly becomes the greatest day in human history to find that support. Technology is, for all its light and darkness, a great platform for establishing connections between the artist and the patron. But ARE we doing enough? Is the artist doing enough? Is the patron being active enough? Is social media necessary for strengthening these interactions? On this episode we’ll talk about these issues within art and technology.


We will also hear the wise words of computer philosopher Jaron Lanier and why he thinks these types of connections do NOT need social media. He believes that technology can be the platform but that other meeting places within it should be explored, ones that don’t involve ‘behavior modification’, so typically found behind the scenes of Twitter, Facebook and others.

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