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Sound That Doesn’t Mean Anything - Ep. 166


“When I hear what we call music, it seems to me that someone is talking. And talking about his feelings or his ideas.. of relationships, and so forth. But when I hear traffic, the sounds of traffic, for instance, I don’t get the feeling that anyone is talking. I get the feeling that sound is acting. And I love the activity of sound.  And I’m perfectly satisfied with that I don’t need sound to talk to me. “ -John Cage


We will hear the full clip of that John Cage interview after we listen to (extended) clips from my new album, Rumble, which is available now at I’ll talk a little bit about the origins of this new album and where it came from, which I think you’ll find pretty interesting. It’s sound art, it’s meaningless art and it’s John Cage, now on ArtHouse Radio.  

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