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ArtHouse Releases List of Future Events!

Recently we compiled a bucket list of events that we think would be super awesome to put on and they’re also events that we think the community would really respond positively to. We are always open to suggestions, so if you have any, please let us have them! So here’s our current bucket list of future events that we want to bring into existence:

Sounds for Nine Spaces 

This event will feature a full performance of Troy Ramos’s Untitled for Two Percussionists and Electronics (2014) in nine different places around a city over the course of three days.

ArtHouse Film Night at a local theatre

ArtHouse 43 and a local theatre will team up to provide a night or weekend of independent/vintage & foreign film! We want this to be a regular occurrence, happening every month. Most movie theaters in the area play the same repertoire of first-run movies. We believe that there are great movies always flying under the radar, including foreign and vintage films. We also believe that movies deserve to live on beyond one run, which is why we want to provide a platform, again, for movies passed.

Birth and Death in the Same Breath

This will be a piece of new music by Troy Ramos for Cello, Oboe and Electronics, circa 60 minutes in duration, and it will be experienced only one time in history. This piece will not be recorded, it will not be sold and the electronic files and sheet music will be destroyed following the one and only performance of the work at its premiere.

Festival of Three-Minute Plays

This mostly informal event invites anyone to write a play of no longer than three minutes in duration. The performances of these plays can be pre-rehearsed with actors, or (preferably) the writers can simply show up with a script and anyone at the event who’s interested can read a part on the spot (or after a few minutes of rehearsal). It's sort of like an impromptu table read!  There may be live musicians on hand to improvise a musical score or play a prepared intro, if necessary.

Listening Parties

People have the ability to listen to anything they want at any time. But listening to a work with other people, even if it’s in a very informal setting, is a totally different experience. It’s a shared experience. These regular gatherings will simply be a group of people who attend an event at a specific time, in an interesting space to listen to several, specifically designated pieces of music or sound collections on speakers.  The first several Listening Parties will feature works by Steve Reich, John Luther Adams, Morton Feldman, Jonny Greenwood and The Talking Heads.

Take Two

This will be an evening of performances by local performers who will reenact classic episodes of classic TV shows live on stage. We will take the full scripts from four half-hour sitcoms, or scenes from movies, and then hand them off to performers to put on an evening of reenacted pieces of television and cinema history, with different interpretations and results.

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