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ArtHouse 43 Releases its First Podcast Ever: ARTHOUSE RADIO IS BORN!

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When Troy Ramos went from Portland, Oregon back to his native Michigan in 2015, one of the things he said he quickly learned to appreciate about his Pacific Northwest city was the great conversations he was lucky enough to have with so many of his close friends so frequently.

”I think I took that for granted in Portland. I felt like the luckiest journalist or documentary filmmaker in the world, in that, the people I was having conversations with we’re so interesting. We’d reach these levels of conversation that seemed mind blowing, like we were figuring out the world, understanding the possibilities of the mind. Even if we were just high, shit-talking baristas or a couple of knuckleheads in a pub, it felt like we were having some sort of a revolution of the mind.”

But when Ramos moved back to Michigan, however, he hit the ground running with his art projects. He immediately started the arts organization ArtHouse 43, started pushing his own artwork everywhere and started reconnecting with the people and area he grew up in.

”As much as I love the West Coast, sometimes, at least in Portland, it’s easy to get lulled into complacency. The weather’s not too bad, everyone’s chill and is willing to have those intellectual conversations. We just kind of floated. So sometimes things don’t move there. Not sure why. At least for me that was the case. So when I came back to Michigan, I got injected with a little bit of that eastern time zone aggressiveness. Start movin on your business or slowly die workin in some lifeless factory or auto parts store. For me, that’s an obvious choice. No lube shop days, thanks: art was the only way.”

But even with his art projects building, there was still something Ramos felt like he was missing.

“It’s funny how different regions have different ways of talking. Portland has its own way of talking with itself. And that can be very different than the way we talk in Michigan and Detroit.  I think both places are talking real shit, it’s just that they’re coming at it from different angles, it’s a slightly different mindset. And so the easiest way I could think of to kind of encapsulate all those perspectives and mindsets, to have conversations that touched a little bit on each place, was to start a podcast. I thought it would be a great way to continue having those great conversations I was talking about earlier, but also to incorporate those same thought-provoking, newer (for me) conversations with the people here in Michigan.”

And with that, ArtHouse Radio was born. 

ArtHouse Radio is a weekly arts, comedy and culture podcast which features prominent artists, comedians, thinkers, filmmakers, friends and lovers (oh la la!). It’s of course hosted by composer and artist Troy Ramos and is available on iTunes and every major podcasting site.

”The show has kind of evolved since the beginning, experimenting and trying different things.  Sometimes the conversations can drift off into interesting areas, which I love. That’s life. And on some episodes I try to stick with a particular theme. Everything starts in the arts, but, like real conversations, things can go anywhere. And I encourage that openness. Strongly. “

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