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ArtHouse Hallway Gallery in Midtown Detroit!

We have ended the ArtHouse Hallway Gallery in Midtown Detroit, but only after a great success! Many thanks to all the artists and people who sent in works to the gallery for us to hang up! The gallery ran from June 2017 until June 2018. Below is the social media post we first did on the gallery:

“After moving into an apt in midtown Detroit, I quickly felt that the hallway outside my apt door needed a little bit of love, so I created the #ArtHouseHallwayGallery for anyone in the building to see! Send me a photo of your work, of anything you love or anything else, & I'll put them into the rotation for this ongoing show! Ppl are looking at them & are interested! So far it's been a rotation of all kinds of different, interesting works.

Send me something, here or DM, w/your name & title, if any. I'll print them off & put them up. You can also support the gallery, if you'd like, too, by going to Let’s create a moment together through this gallery! It'll be like your little art show in Detroit!! Don’t wait, send me things!”