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New ArtHouse 43 Podcast "Art City Now" Launches!

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Brand New Podcast: Art City Now
5 Episode Series on Battle Creek, MI
Hosted by Troy Ramos
Produced by ArtHouse 43, LLC/
Available on iTunes, All Major Platforms and at

"Art City Now" Podcast Released November 13, 2018!

Project Description: 

Art City Now is an audio podcast hosted by Troy Ramos and created by ArtHouse 43 highlighting diverse artistic initiatives in different cities. Each new city covered is considered a ‘series’. Art City Now: Battle Creek is a 5-episode series devoted to the exploration of the arts scene in Battle Creek. Each 25-30 minute episode will feature at least one artist or artistic voice for a discussion on how they approach their craft and how their work interacts with the Battle Creek arts communities. 

Goals and Achievement:

ArtHouse 43 is an arts and culture organization dedicated to connecting
communities with their local arts scene. Since being founded by Troy
Ramos in 2015, they have hosted and organized many successful art
shows in multiple cities, received multiple grants for a variety of projects,
connected artists using multiple platforms and continue to create podcasts,
including ArtHouse RadioTroy Meets World and, now, Art City Now.
“As with every project we do, our goal is always to contribute towards
building a stronger artistic culture in our communities, and to do it in an
inclusive manner that creates diversity, a sense of community and supports
art projects that expand the possibilities,” says host Troy Ramos. “And Art City Now is a perfect example of our ability to create platforms for discussions on the arts, community and the universe.”

Through Art City Now, they want to provide a platform for unifying a sense of connection in the arts communities and beyond. Through these documentary-styled podcast episodes, which focus on both historical and contemporary aspects of the arts world within Battle Creek, they believe they can contribute to an even more vibrant community. The conversations, information about spaces and artists in the community and the ability for anybody to access these episodes online for free will help the artists and supporting arts organizations in Battle Creek to establish a unique connection with each other.

Artist Support and Diverse Lineup:

Art City Now will become a platform that not only provides communication and important dialogue between these artists and their community, but will hopefully lead towards building a stronger network of artists and arts organization in the area. Since this podcast is set up to cover the arts scene in many different cities, every city covered would forever have the potential to be exposed to a massive listenership from other local arts communities covered by the show, the larger arts world and people simply interested to know more about the art scene in a particular city. “This could be a massive continued and indefinite support structure for everyone involved”, Ramos says.

They also plan to use this network to highlight creative work of a artists from all communities. They are very aware of the depth of the arts scene in the many different communities in Battle Creek. "What a person sees from one perspective in a community is also a part of a larger collective of arts activities. We strongly believe it’s in the best interest of Art City Now and for the Battle Creek community to explore as many different facets of this interesting and diverse cultural arts scene as possible”, adds Ramos. They also want to address some concerns regarding art and its connection to underserved communities through discussion and exploration, and integrating those thoughts into this Battle Creek series.



Art City Now: Battle Creek
Series on Battle Creek Arts Scene & Artists for the Art City Now Podcast
Fiscal Sponsor for ArtHouse 43, LLC: The Art Center of Battle Creek
Organization Carrying Out Project: ArtHouse 43, LLC
Art City Now Project Manager (Host, Editor, Creative Director): Troy Ramos
Art City Now Community Sponsor: Linda Holderbaum
Art City Now Outreach Coordinator: Santos Felipe Ramos
Art City Now Marketing Coordinator: Chris Ramos

Supported by:

Battle Creek Community Foundation, The Art Center of Battle Creek, Meijer, Inc., Go Fund Me donors, Battle Creatures, LLC,