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Support ArtHouse 43 on #GivingTuesday!



Today on this #GivingTuesday, which was created by 92nd Street Y & the United Nations Foundation in 2012 as a response to commercialization & consumerism during the Holidays, we ask, friends, that you donate to our cause of connecting communities with the arts! ArtHouse 43 is an arts organization founded by Troy Ramos and is based in Detroit. We consistently creates arts projects through art shows, funding art projects and creating podcasts which focus on artists in the community. 

We need your support to help carry on doing these projects so that we can make our contribution towards having a stronger artistic culture. We ask that you visit our site and have a look at all our successful projects over the last 3 years. And then we ask you to click on “Support”, and then to join us in supporting a good cause by donating any amount that you can. Every donation will have an impact!

If we want to have a stronger artistic culture, want to see artists make a living, then we have to support them financially, as well. Thank you for your support, dear friends, it means everything!