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Troy Ramos ART Works

Artist, Composer & Curator. Creating Abstract Minimalist Works with a Sense of Timelessness. No Ending, No Beginning.

Troy Ramos's “Untitled” for Two Percussionists Premieres in Portland, OR

Troy Ramos's new work for two percussionists and fixed media, called "Untitled", premiered at the Music Center in Portland, OR on Aug 16 2014. The performers are Andrew Angell and David Solomon of Seattle's RE:PERCUSSION DUO. (Part 1, which includes fixed media, was not played due to technical issues, but will be played along with Part 2 at a future concert.)

The concert was a great success and had a great turnout! “The performers were great and the feedback was fantastic,” said Ramos. “They really made the work shine and I think the audience felt that.”

The concert was reviewed here, at the bottom under the “RE: Percussion” section: