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Troy Ramos ART Works

Artist, Composer & Curator. Creating Abstract Minimalist Works with a Sense of Timelessness. No Ending, No Beginning.

Troy Ramos Unveils Sound Work “Endlessly Illuminated” at Portland Art Museum Employee Art Show


Troy Ramos unveiled his brand new sound work “Endlessly Illuminated” at the Portland Art Museum Employee Art Show, From the Right Hemisphere. The show opened July 11, 2013 in the James F. & Marion Miller Gallery in the Mark Building at the Portland Art Museum. The show was FREE and open to the public until July 20th.

 ”Endlessly Illuminated” is a phrase taken from a poem by French port Arthur Rimbaud. “This poem really resonated with me. It feels essentially like a work about the hard brutality of explorers throughout human history and how we humans are destined to explore, regardless of any consequences. It’s a powerful poem.”

The sound work almost explores the other side of that, however. It’s an ambient, mostly very soft collection of works written for piano and electronics. “I have a clear drive for the reflective and to create works that invite certain moods. I don’t want to lecture anyone through anything I create. I only hope that visitors interact with it in a thoughtful way and that they’re able to create their own experiences from that interaction.”

His album is available here on: iTunes and Amazon!