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Troy Ramos ART Works

Hi, I’m Troy Ramos and I’m an Artist, Composer & Curator. Creating Abstract Minimalist Works with a Sense of Timelessness. No Ending, No Beginning.

Ramos Brothers Premiere Art Video, Sound, Painting Collaboration

Phasing Moments
Eclectic Gallery
60 Calhoun St
Battle Creek, MI 49017

Troy Ramos, Video & Sound

Chris Ramos, Paintings


From our press release just before the show opened on Oct. 13, 2017:

ArtHouse 43 presents Phasing Moments, an art show created by Troy Ramos and Chris Ramos! This show features artworks using three mediums: video, sound and paintings. These works were created using the naturalism approach (a term coined by Troy Ramos), which is a momentary-form where works are created in as short amount of time as possible, so as to capture the state of mind at a particular point in time and space. There are 9 total works: three paintings, three videos and three sound works.

These works also have an interesting collaborative, twist, however. The art works were created in the spirit of the works created before them. Using video, sound and painting, the artists took an idea, started with one medium and then passed this idea back and forth, using the previous works as a starting point to create a new work. This process was then repeated every time, with each work of art being connected to all of the previous works in some way.

“Everything in this world emanates from something that already exists. Art is no different.”, says Troy Ramos. “We simply wanted to create a collection of artworks that were more strongly connected to each other, rather than with some outside force.”

Each stage of this metamorphosis produced an artwork formed by both the medium and its place in the process itself. The results of this process are what make up the art works in Phasing Moments. It is simply an art show that focuses on both process and the transformation of ideas which were passed through different phases, the result of each phase producing its own unique result and compiling an interesting collection of works overall.

“The process we developed to exchange one idea to the next was very interesting, and the resulting artwork leaves traces of what it was like to be inside the mind of the artists at each of the nine phases.” says Chris Ramos. "I think people will find the show captivating in that sense, and we are excited to see their reactions.”

Phasing Moments- OFFICIAL Press Release .jpg

This show is made possible through a generous grant by The Battle Creek Community Foundation. This project is also sponsored by the Art Center of Battle Creek and Battle Creatures, LLC.