Art, Music & Podcasts by Troy Ramos
Art, Music & Podcasts by Troy Ramos

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Hi, I’m Troy Ramos. I’m an Artist, Composer & Curator. I create abstract minimalist works with a sense of timelessness. No Ending, No Beginning.

Detroit Artist Troy Ramos Releases All "Phasing Moments" Video/Sound Works


After a fantastic opening weekend for the art show “Phasing Moments”, a collection of 9 connected works by brothers Troy and Chris Ramos, Troy Ramos has released his works for the public to view online for free. 

“Although it was a really great turn out, I know a lot of people still couldn’t make it to the show so I wanted to give everyone a chance to see some of the works,” Troy Ramos said. “I think you can watch these works and still enjoy the videos and the sound works on their own. It was a show featuring 9 works, which are connected to each other, of course.  But they all still have their own identities. It’s almost like a harmony of 9 works, connected in some ways, yes, but still independent of each other enough to be considered their own work.“

The interesting collaborative element to all this is that all 9 art works were created in the spirit of the works created before them. Using video, sound and painting, the artists took an idea, started with one medium and then passed this idea back and forth, using the previous works as a starting point to create a new work. This process was then repeated every time, with each work of art being connected to all of the previous works in some way.

“Everything in this world emanates from something that already exists. Art is no different.”, says Troy Ramos. “We simply wanted to create a collection of artworks that were more strongly connected to each other, rather than with some outside force.”

So below you will see the video works and their paired sound works, simultaneously. So you’ll hear two of these nine works when you watch one of the videos. And by watching all three videos, you’ll have experienced six of the nine works.

”The video art works were mostly filmed in Detroit. You’ll quickly get a sense of minimalism when you first watch these videos and hear the sound works playing along with them,” said Ramos. “I don’t even know if the right word is minimalism. I don’t necessarily like that word. It’s appropriate to use, of course. But essentially, these works have the exact number of sounds and the exact number of images they needed. Nothing more. Whatever you want to call that, that’s what it is.”