Art, Music & Podcasts by Troy Ramos
Art, Music & Podcasts by Troy Ramos

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Hi, I’m Troy Ramos. I’m an Artist, Composer & Curator. I create abstract minimalist works with a sense of timelessness. No Ending, No Beginning.

Best Ambient Music for Meditation and Relaxation

Artist Troy Ramos has announced the release of Sound Space, the sound art element of his sound and light installation which premiered at ArtPrize 10. This album officially releases on March 7 and is already his second release of 2019. This album is available exclusively on Bandcamp:

“I’ve been watching a lot of motivational videos,” joked Ramos about his productive year so far. “After a few big events last year, I’ve been fortunate enough to have more opportunities come my way. And I fully intend to be there waiting for what’s to come with my best efforts right next to me. And I’m happy that I also love what I’d do. That goes a long way when you’re putting in long hours day after day.”

Ramos won the Pitch Night Detroit Award given out by ArtPrize last year. The award came with $5,000 and a prime venue for one of the largest arts festivals in the world in Grand Rapids. “It was such a great experience. I met so many awesome people and got amazing feedback and responses to my work.”Again

His work, Sound Space, had thousands of visitors and was one of the top voted artworks in the Public Vote category. Several months after this experience, Ramos feels it’s time to make his sound work available to the public. “Although people won’t experience the visual aspect normally associated with this work, the sound element to this work is such a massive part of the experience. It’s an interaction worth your time, I promise you.”

Again, This album is available exclusively on Bandcamp: Below is artist statement on the work, adjusted for the context of the release of the album:

Originally Premiered as a Sound and Light Installation 
Troy Ramos 

“We are merely bolting our lives—gulping down undigested experiences as fast as we can stuff them in—because awareness of our own existence is so superficial, so narrow that nothing seems to us more boring than simple being. If I ask you what you did yesterday, I’m likely to get nothing more than a thin, sketchy outline of the few things that you noticed, and of those only what you thought worth remembering. But suppose you could answer, “It would take me forever to tell you, and I am much too interested in what’s happening now.” -Alan Watts 

Often we go into artistic spaces to look for the specific works: the painting, sculpture, etc. As significant as the actual works are, I think there's something at least equally as meaningful beyond that idea, which is: the experience of having an interaction with art. This includes entering into a listening space, of course, to have an interaction with a sound work. 

Sound Space is a sound art album about creating experiences which encourage reflection and pause, and it asks the listener to interact with the artwork for a longer period of time- not for the benefit of the work, rather for the potential benefit of the listener. This work is about what the experience does to you and the effect your interaction with it has on your world afterwards. This work encourages sound art as being connected with human experience. 

Sound Space premiered as an award-winning sound and light installation at ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids. Although the artist’s visual aspect is obviously missing from the experience of listening to the work, it remains a platform for observers to experience themselves. This is one, 30 minute work. The sounds you hear and the experience you have from listening to the work are as much of a work of art as the work itself.  

releases March 7, 2019 This album is available exclusively on Bandcamp: