Art, Music & Podcasts by Troy Ramos
Art, Music & Podcasts by Troy Ramos

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Hi, I’m Troy Ramos. I’m an Artist, Composer & Curator. I create abstract minimalist works with a sense of timelessness. No Ending, No Beginning.

New Sound & Light Art Installation Opens in Kalamazoo

This past weekend I unveiled a new sound and light installation called “Connections: Blue and Red.”  It premiered in downtown Kalamazoo at Art Hop and was featured alongside works by six other artists. The work was made possible in part by funding from the KADL grant awarded by Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, all of the awesome donors to my Go Fund Me campaign and ArtHouse 43.


In typical recent fashion, I was given my own room, some sort of former office space, to create this work. I was also allowed to use the room next to it, which was similar in style but smaller. As you may/may not know, I like the works to emanate from the structure of the space. I like to curate the lights in such a way that they feel in harmony with the flow of the room. And for the sounds, it’s the same thing, although, this time, I actually recorded some naturally occurring sounds in the room (fans, odd buzzing. heater noises, and created a sound work based on that. 

I think everything turned out really well and the turnout was solid. It’s also always great to have a show because you get to connect with new friends and reconnect with supportive old ones. In some of my conversations I had some interesting epiphanies that I will talk about on the podcast, ArtHouse Radio, so please look for that; probably this week’s episode.

You can get a basic idea of the work through these pictures. I’m also working on a promotional video and that should be up sometime this week or early next week. Thanks to everyone for their support for this show and I’m looking forward to the next one. Onward and upward! 

Support provided by the Kalamazoo Artistic Development Initiative, a program of the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, by our Go Fund Me campaign and by ArtHouse 43.

Connections: Blue and Red (2019)

Troy Ramos


Sound/Light Installation  


This photo by Justin Andert


This photo by Justin Andert


This photo by Justin Andert